New Item,

Candy “We’re UNREAL & we’re unjunking your candy.”

Interesting what is this candy all about, could there be a healthful candy.

UNREAL is a brand-spanking new company that’s making “unjunked” candy.

I recently went to a candy party, hosted by Celeste who is a blogger. The menu was Organic candy which can replace junk candy with items such as “more peanuts, real milk, cane sugar, and organic palm fruit oil”. These candies also have “30% less sugar, and 60% more fiber and 250% more protein per serving”.

The candy goes by the name “UNREAL” They were all good ,however my favorite flavors were “Candy Coated Chocolates”, “Peanut Butter Cups”, Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar”.

Try it you and your children will love them. The candy can be brought at CVS, Walgreens, and more. For more information:

by Cynthia

Family-joggingThis is something that can be done as a family activity to help with ones healthy lifestyle.

Does this sound like you? You know you should be exercising for your health, but you can’t seem to find time to log the recommended 30 minutes a day. I know for my husband and I we don’t seem to fine the time to just take a walk in the park or ride our bikes. we work so hard as I am sure many of you do also that all you want to do is rest during your free time. However,  If even the minimum daily requirement feels daunting, first start with a smaller amount. Sometimes, we get into the mind-set that a workout isn’t worth doing if we can’t commit to it 100 percent. But any amount of exercise is better than none. Case in point: I’ve read that just 15 minutes of daily moderate activity can increase a person’s lifespan by three years. And the more you exercise the more benefits you’ll get. If you have even five minutes to spare, lace up your sneakers and take a quick walk or jog around the block. This is something that my husband and I plan to do , we know that it is important to our health and the effort will be worth it.


thCA4W26R9Shopping for Children and Mom Check it Out !

 Click for great deals at Zulily’s for Children Clothes, shoes and more . Even item’s for yourself. There are so many items that I enjoy buying for my grandchildren and the prices are not bad at all.

Thanks, Cynthia

I wanted to let you know that Zulily has a great sale on many items, and I will keep you up to date. click for fantastic sales hurry!!!

Thanks, Cynthia

thOHT22RI0 The other night I watched a episode on the news talking about sneezing spreads colds. With the bad weather that we have been having and a lot of people getting the flu. I found this to be extremely interesting. My grandchildren who are in first grade and pre-school have been very sick this winter. Well, the show mentioned that you don’t want to sneeze without covering your mouth, and you would not want to sneeze in your hands . Now it is best to sneeze into your elbow, however , the best way to sneeze is in a tissue. As we get older we think of different things to do better. I thought that my grandchildren can have some tissues in their backpack along with a baggie to put the dirty tissues in. Because sometimes they may not be near a trash can to throw their tissue away. This can go for us older ones too. Here is a link for you to watch with you children about sneezing

Thanks, Cynthia


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