Childrens Fun Adventures





Both adults and kids will delight in spending a day at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

This zoo has been designed with the complete family experience in mind, offering your family rides for all ages, live shows, and interactive experiences.

The zoo spans 56 acres and features seven exhibit areas: Safari Africa, Primate World, Asian Gardens, Free Flight Aviaries, the Florida Boardwalk, the Florida Manatee and Aquatic Center, and the Wallaroo Station children’s zoo. Of the 2,000 animals that call the zoo home, you will find giraffes, kangaroos, leopards, white tigers, African penguins, chimps, orangutans, cheetahs, and more.

Spend some time making great new family memories together at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Thanks, Cynthia


diverse_kidsKids Having fun !

There is a lot to do right here in Florida with our Children all year long, But since it is summer and with school out. This is a time to engage in many family activities.

I will be talking about various places that I am sure the children will enjoy along with you parents and Grandparents. Remember you are only as old as you feel. Gee!

sometimes I feel old from being so tired.  However being around my grandkids keeps me feeling young in heart. Oh! I do get tired but I do enjoy hanging out with them.

Thanks, Cynthia


My favorite and Grandkids favorite movies. I have to laugh at how there can be a movie that they enjoy then a couple of months later

they are not interested in the movies. Then they are ready for new movies to claim as their favorite movies. Don’t forget that you can sell your old movies. Also if you know someone that is having a baby, you can wrap up those old movies and give them as a gift to the new Mother.


Summer is a good time to enjoy reading with your children, here is a link to more information on reading with your child.

Reading is such a fun  activity with your children.

Thanks, Cynthia




Year round for loads of Fun and Enjoyment you will want to go to Walt Disney World here in Orlando, Florida. Great for Adults and children of all ages. Spend a day or more taking in all the sites.








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